Advanced Reef Topics

Maintaining a Rotifier Culture

The word "rotifer" literally means "wheeled animals".  Rotifers are not naturally found in saltwater, but instead in fresh and brackish waters.  What makes them  so valuable to us is the fact that a single rotifer has the potential to become several thousands in a very short time of a few days.  Additionally, rotifers are extremely small and able to carry valuabl...

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Mangroves in the Reef Aquarium

The practice of keeping mangroves in captivity as applied to marine aquariums is nothing new. However, it has become increasingly popular as of late. This more than likely has to do with the keeping of mangroves in captivity being mentioned in several publications and popular books by leading authorities as well as advanced hobbyists. Julian Sprung was among the first to gain notoriety in th...

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How Does an Overflow Box Work?

Just how does an overflow box work, and why doesn't it overflow on my carpet? Well here I will explain the general principals of how an overflow works, and how it controls itself. After all, if they were that unreliable, nobody would use them! Here is a typical overflow device for a "non-drilled tank". When you buy one of these, this is basically what you g...

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