A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Anemones

This is short beginners guide on how chose and keep anemones - It is only the author's experience/opinion and it cannot be guaranteed that this will be relevant for everyone or anyone at all. This is because anemones are as individual as you or I, and one can tolerate high water flow, another of same will not - it's just the way they are. Remember that you are taking a creature, which in general opinion is hard to keep, o...

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Recent Experiences with Bubble Tip Anemones

Author: Marc Quattromani   My recent experience with anemones, mostly Entacmaea quadricolor (bubble tip anemone or BTA), has been quite pleasurable but not after considerable frustration with anemones in general. While I’m not aware of any secret recipe, I’m happy to share some of my observations and the setup that works for me. With a little luck and care, BTAs can do very well in...

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