DIY Filtration

Quick and Easy Wet/Dry Filter

This article is a quick attempt to give you an easy-to-build wet/dry filter. In my case this was designed to filter a 145-gallon pre-drilled aquarium with a built-in overflow chamber. If your tank does not have an overflow chamber, see DIY - Overflow, Skimmer & Sump. This article does not go into great depth concerning some aspects of ...

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DIY Fluidized Bed Filter (FBF)

Here's another Do-it-Yourself project that's quite easy and will give you good service when assembled properly. Unfortunately I didn't detail this project with many photos so I'll do my best to explain it in detail. Here's the picture of the finished FBF (Fluidized Bed Filter), and I'll try my best to walk you through it.  The materials required are: 4" thin-wall pvc sewer pipe, not the standard thick-wall schedule 40. 3-4" thin-wa...

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