DIY Reef Lighting

DIY ODNO Lighting

  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: The following information should be used at your own risk. Electrical equipment should only be modified by qualified technicians. cannot take any liability for any injury or losses incurred from the use of this information. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------What is ODNO Lighting?OD...

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Modifying an Eclipse Hood for Compact Fluorescent Lighting

    Here's what we need to start: a Marineland Eclipse 1TL (we use the TL - twin light version because it has ample room for the bulbs.  It might be possible to do a similar mod with the single light version, but we haven't tried it), an Advance REL-2P-32 ballast, two 28W Custom Sea Life compact fluorescent bulbs - one 6700K daylight and one 7100K blue, two compact fluorescent bulb clips, an Advance RS-22-32...

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