Reef Lighting

Aquarium Lighting for Reef Tanks

Article by: Peter Cunningham   A topic that is not discussed very often is aquarium lighting for reef tanks. Although this topic is not discussed very much it is very important within a salt water reef tank. After water quality the next most important thing is aquarium lighting for reef tanks, followed closely by water movement. Water quality gives the tank stability as well as provi...

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Should I use Metal Halide or High Output T-5 Lighting on My Reef Tank?

Metal halide has long been the industry standard for high intensity reef lighting.  It is a proven lighting solution that can support any lighting needs in a reef tank.   Although metal halide lighting has such a great reputation, it also does have some weaknesses.  High Output T-5 lighting is the new kid on the block, but it has proven to have a few signi...

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