Reef Substrate

Substrate Options for Reef Tanks

Substrate is the sand or gravel that covers the bottom of the tank. Substrate can be cosmetic, a place for critters to burrow and dig through and it can also be an important adjunct to the biological ecosystem within the reef tank. Old school was that a bare bottom tank was important so that all detritus could easily be removed. That is no longer true and you will not find many bare bottom tanks around these days. Today, there are five main ...

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Reef Substrate Basics

  Choosing your substrate is very important. There are many options out there. The kind you choose will effect the cycling time as well as the time you spend on maintenance. No matter what type you choose, it is important to have the proper depth. At minimum, the bed should be 1 inch thick. But it is preferred to have a 2-3 inch bed.   Crushed Coral: This type comes in many different sizes. It...

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