Green Star Polyps

Other Green Star Polyps Names: Star Polyps, Purple Star Polyps, White Star Polyps, Grass Coral, Daisy Polyps

Green Star Polyps Scientific Name: Clavularia viridis

Green Star Polyps(Clavularia viridis)
Green Star Polyps Ease of Care: 10/10
Water Flow Requirements: Moderate-High
Temperature Range: 75°F-82°F

Classification: Pachyclavularia spp.

Coral Type: Soft Corals

Distribution: Indo Pacific, Phillipines

Green Star Polyps Lighting Requirements: Low to high - this coral tolerates many types of lighting including normal output flourescent, power compact, VHO, T5 or metal halide.

Green Star Polyps Hadriness: This coral is quite hardy and great for beginners. It does better with higher water flow.

Green Star Polyps Growth: Proficient growing - spreads out across live rock or substrate in a tentacle like manner.

Green Star Polyps Diet & Nutrition: This species thrives primarily on Zooxanthellate and light.

Green Star Polyps Recommended Supplements: None required.

Detailed Information: Green Star polyps are small bright green polyps connected together by a rubbery purple colored mat. Open during the day, retracted at night or when disturbed.

Green Star Polyps Propagation: Green Star polyps are easily propagated by cutting a section of the purple mat from the main colony using scissors or similar. This mat can be attached to a suitable substrate such as a piece of live rock usually with a rubber band. It will quickly attach to the rock and the rubber band can be removed.

Green Star Polyps Toxicity: Not toxic in nature.

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