Other Zoanthids Names: Zoas, Zoos, Mat Coral, Carpet Coral, Sea Mat, Polyps

Zoanthids Scientific Name:

Zoanthids Ease of Care: 9/10
Water Flow Requirements: Moderate-High
Temperature Range: 76°F-82°F

Classification: Zoanthus

Coral Type: Soft Corals

Distribution: Found in many ocean environments.

Zoanthids Lighting Requirements: Low to High Lighting

Zoanthids Hadriness: A very hardy coral that is great for beginners.

Zoanthids Growth: Grow and spread most successfully on rock or skeletons of dead corals, however they can grow on sand and the glass walls of your tank too.

Zoanthids Diet & Nutrition: Mainly zooxanthellate, light and dissolved nutrients is all that is needed for zoanthids to grow well.

Zoanthids Recommended Supplements: None needed

Detailed Information: A soft, colonial coral that forms a mat of small, circular polyps. These polyps look a bit like tiny anemones with radial tentacles and a small central mouth. Zoanthids normally appear in brown and green, but can be found in just about any color imaginable.

Zoanthids Propagation: Zoanthids typically spread across rock and sand in a 360 degree pattern. Typical propagation methods include scraping polyps off of rock and supergluing them to other rocks or allowing the zoanthids to spread to ther rocks then seperating them by cutting.

Zoanthids Toxicity: These corals can be quite toxic and should always be handled with latex gloves. The corals tend to give off the most toxicity when disturbed or fragged.

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