Green Clown Goby

Other Green Clown Goby Names: Green Gumdrop Goby

Green Clown Goby Scientific Name: Gobiodon atrangulatus

Alternate Scientific Name:

Green Clown Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)
Green Clown Goby Ease of Care: 8/10
Green Clown Goby Reef Safety: Reef Safe
Reef Safe
Temperature Range: 72°F-80°F
pH Range: 8.1-8.4
Salinity Range: 1.02-1.0251
Group: Gobies (Goby Fishes)

Family: Gobiidae

Distribution: Indo-Pacific

Green Clown Goby Adult Size: 2 inches (cm)

Green Clown Goby Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

Green Clown Goby Temperament: Generally peaceful but may become aggressive against other gobies.

Green Clown Goby Diet & Nutrition: The diet of the Green Clown Goby should consist of a variety of brine shrimp, frozen mysid shrimp, table shrimp, and frozen food preparations for carnivores. If housed in a reef tank with live branching corals, it needs to be fed once a day. If housed in a tank without substrate, it will require several feedings per day.

Green Clown Goby Description: This species is green overall. Although diminutive, this is a fascinating fish to keep in the aquarium, especially in smaller tanks. It does best if housed with live or faux corals of the branching type. Members of this genus are thought to have a noxious body slime that deters most predatory fishes from feeding on them. Not aggressive towards other fish species, although it may fight with members of its own kind. The number you place in your tank should be a function of how many hiding places in available.

Tank Mate Compatibility: It is best kept with smaller less aggressive species

Green Clown Goby Breeding & Spawning: Green Clown Gobies are known to successfully spawn in an aquarium, laying eggs that sink into the coral branches where they are protected.

Determining Green Clown Goby Sex: The males tends to be more brightly colored than females.

Aquarium Region: All over - inhabits branching corals.