Black Cap Basslet

Other Black Cap Basslet Names:

Black Cap Basslet Scientific Name: Gramma melacara

Alternate Scientific Name:

Black Cap Basslet (Gramma melacara)
Black Cap Basslet Ease of Care: 9/10
Black Cap Basslet Reef Safety: Reef Safe
Reef Safe
Temperature Range: 72°F-81°F
pH Range: 8-8.4
Salinity Range: 1.02-1.026
Group: Grammas and Basslets (Grammas/Basslets)

Family: Grammatidae

Distribution: West Atlantic

Black Cap Basslet Adult Size: 4 inches (cm)

Black Cap Basslet Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

Black Cap Basslet Temperament: Generally peaceful - These fish are excellent community tank fish, tending to stay to themselves

Black Cap Basslet Diet & Nutrition: Will readily accept brine shrimp and meaty fares, but will also accept flake and dried foods.

Black Cap Basslet Description: Hoods should be placed on tanks, as these fish are known jumpers. Basslets make great additions for reef tanks, staying small, not bothering invertebrates, and keeping deviant live rock critters, like benthic crustaceans and worms in population check. Basslets require nooks and overhangs for hiding. Liverock decor should be abundant.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Care should be noted if placing more than one of the same species, or any fish in the Pseudchromis and Basslet family (includes Dottyback and Gramma) aggression has been noted. If two are desired, known mated pairs are best otherwise a 6ft system is suggested. Also due to the small size of this species, predatory or larger carnivorous fish will likely consider the black cap basslet a prey item.

Black Cap Basslet Breeding & Spawning:

Determining Black Cap Basslet Sex:

Aquarium Region: Middle

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