DIY Reef Tank Stand with Hood

DIY Reef Tank Stand


This stand was built using nothing more than a hammer, screw-driver hand-saw and sand paper. Ok, I used a paint brush to put on the stand and varnish. Trust me when I say that I'm not very skilled when it comes to working with tools. Heck, my wife is the one who changes the oil in the car!


What makes this particular stand so unique? Well, I built it of course! But other than that, this design enables you to stack heavy equipment, books or almost anything else you want inside the hood above the tank. Just how I accomplished this was easy. You see, the hood itself doesn't actually rest on the tank. Do you see the wood on the sides of the tank itself? Well, those are the hoods legs which extend all the way down to the floor and attach to the stand. The hood isn't resting on the tank in any way!


I know, I know... I'm a genius! (lucky I have spell-check or I would never be able to spell genius). This particular tank is a 100 gallon but you can adapt these plans to any tank as small as a 45 gallon. Anything smaller than that would still work but look pretty funny extending all the way to the ceiling.


The top of the stand is open to allow for good air flow but you can always modify that if you like. The bottom provides for plenty of space for all your equipment and is also open in back to allow better access to power outlets as well as hoses and other equipment going to and from the tank itself.


In the upper-hood of my particular system I have 2 metal halide pendants, a refugium, a chemical doser and a large fan for better evaporative cooling. Underneath, I have a sump and all my other equipment.


I love these door knobs...



DIY Reef Tank Stand KnobsI found these great door knobs at Lowes hardware store. I really think they add a lot to the overall look of my stand. These are the knobs to the doors on the hood.




DIY Reef Tank Stand Knobs 2And these are the knobs to the doors and the stand itself. I originally planned on doing it vice-versa but I goofed and got them backwards. Other than that, everything turned out how I planned it.


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DIY Reef Tank Stand with Hood