Reef Chemistry Calculator

This page is designed to calculate reef chemistry additions for
Calcium, Alkalinity or Magnesium using commercial products or standard chemicals.

Net Actual Aquarium Water Volume: Volume Calculator
Current Calcium: ppm Current Alk: Current Mg: ppm
Desired Calcium: ppm Desired Alk: Desired Mg: ppm
Amount of Product Required:
Amount of Product Required:
Amount of Product Required:
Balanced Alkalinity is:
Balanced Calcium is:
pH Effects
Ca pH effect:
Alk pH effect:
Mg pH effect:
Warnings and usage:
Warnings and usage:
Warnings and usage:


You should be very careful about the kinds of products or chemicals put into your aquarium. Many of these products require keen knowledge of how they interact with your aquarium and saltwater.

All of the products presented should be used with full knowledge of their capabilities and limitations as many of these products may add more than just either Calcium, Alkalinity and/or Magnesium.

If you don't know what a product does, don't use it. Consult your manufacturer.

Given the variability of their granular size, powdered products conversion between volume and weight are approximations; for safety, use less than the calculated amount and measure the effect before adding the rest.

Although every effort has been made to obtain accurate results and recommendations we can not assume responsibility for any problem related to the use of this calculator.

All products and their brand name are copyright of their respective owners.